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Sep 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
been every fat are in the u.s. created today's diverse ecology, where there's los angeles but also in wichita and new york and also in the dallas-fort worth area. in the u.s. with simultaneous emergence of lots of entrepreneurs in the early 20th century, the right brothers and everyone who followed the period we had a multiplicity of funding sources. the army air force has a purchaser for the right brothers, but the postal service did the most effect to industrial planning or industrial policy in the u.s. by having airmail pilots and saying this is the market for airplanes. we have individual barnstormers come air force all over the place. so we had a very, very rich structure. in china this has been military from day one. and so airspace was controlled and military secret. it's amazing to put a big chinese cities. they are extremely noisy, but not noisy from overhead. not helicopters despite mr. hsu's airliners because airports are usually far away. so what is the effort almost like the russian soviet economy of going from a military run system trying to willett into the civilian
Sep 7, 2012 11:00pm EDT
primaries. he enters the democrat race like a week before the convention convenes in los angeles. you know, he almost pulls back. he almost pulls it off. jack kennedy is not nominated until, what is the? until they call the roll on wyoming. >> now, there is no state that begins with z. those two primaries, jack kennedy's father doesn't want him to enter wisconsin, he thinks it is dangerous. but that is a good pick for him because it is the most heavily catholic state in the midwest. he has a leg up there. hubert humphrey has a leg up because he comes from next door in minnesota. he does a little better at the polls when they get it wrong. they get it wrong. and humphrey exceeds expectations in the delegates. he goes on to west virginia and the polls, which have been up for jack kennedy before wisconsin, i guess before the folks there realized that he was a catholic, they take a downturn. kennedy then really perfects -- perfects his style going for the people. and i think that the poverty of the people in west virginia, kind of changes them because it is just terrible and awful they are. an
Sep 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
billion. she's got properties on rodeo drive in los angeles, real estate in washington state, new york owns two royal yachts with a value of 6 million pounds. these are the yachts you can land a helicopter on. these are the yachts that have a swimming pool on them. how much of that $8 billion how much of the money that went to pay for these yachts for the mubarak family is yours? see, the thing is, you should be mad. and i think americans are mad. but it's this confusing situation. we should be mad about the foreign aid and so are the populations that are burning the american flag are mad because see, they didn't receive the foreign aid. the foreign aid went to mubarak. so you should be mad that your senators send this money to dictators and that the dictators live these lavish lifestyles, live in these mansions throughout the world throughout switzerland, london, paris some of the largest private homes in the world are owned by dictators paid for with your money. you should be angry. you should be frothing. you should be upset. and you should tell your senators. you should tell your c
Sep 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in washington, the congressional race in los angeles, really, every recount of ?afort wellstone in minnesota shows that there's at least a thousand or more false certified votes. senator grassley pointed out there's over 2,000 non-citizens voting in iowa. we had a similar experience in florida. any time anybody bothers to look, we find out there is a lot of unqualified voters voting. florida, for example, is a particularly bad example because a lot of people vote new york once and then in florida again. they are actually getting to vote twice for the president. whenever you dig below the rock, there's a problem. problem is nobody digs beneath it if it's not a close election. >> so you're saying that the evidence comes from predominantly or exclusively the so-called close elections? >> because, of course, i don't know what the margin of victory was, but who recounts if you win by 3%? nobody checks to see who the voters were, but, sure, there's documented instances when it is looked at, brooklyn -- >> one would presume if there were conspiracies or movements or plans to vote in numbers, fronta
Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of a city like los angeles the partisan to the is very strong. certainly a very localized phenomenon and economic stagnation will further deepen and entrenched. so one of the difficulties republicans face is that republicans really need more of portability in order to kind of make these inroads among latinos and also to kind of move away from this idea that it is a single issue constituency. adding to get away from is a good one. that is another thing about taxes that i mentioned. you have this -- this is why i keep thinking of this as an emerging strategy. a pretty big issue. we're looking at the opportunity for republican candidates who does well among households making over hundred thousand dollars a year in sight for gin in colorado, very big constituency. not actually really strongly over performing. well, gosh. tax cut might resonate. the politics in texas has changed considerably as the federal income-tax bases changed. and so when you look it the conservative folks to talk about the idea of instead of just calling for more marginal tax cuts, called for a dramatic expansion of
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and organizations like the los angeles chamber of commerce in california, st. louis business travelers association and hundreds more. together, these organizations represent tens of millions of u.s. air travelers. we have already begun piecing together elements of nextgen on the ground and it has helped to meter departures and minimize delays. we have done that and delays with our friend of the faa and the airlines using jfk and in a collaborative effort, we have been very successful. we are working to expand the program to la guardia airport. the system has saved nearly 5 million gallons of fuel and on the number of $15,000 annually. we have invested more than a billion dollars to make airport operations more efficient. our initiative has delivered. we have invested in building high-speed taxiway exits, minimizing runway time and enabling a more efficient procedure. the bottom line is that tens of thousands of delays have been averted. we recently launched a single phone number that pulls together all of our airports hotline, together with a website that expresses concerns. this new system provid
Sep 18, 2012 11:00pm EDT
" on c-span2. >> the new supreme court term beginning monday, october 1st. tuesday, tom goldstein and los angeles times supreme court correspondence previewed the court's new term. this is an hour and 15 minutes from the cay toe -- cato institute. [inaudible conversations] >> our conference concludes with a look ahead to october term 2012. the court's docket as of today is a bit sparse, but not without heft. indeed, were it not for last term's obamacare and sb1070 cases, you could say this coming term would be the term of the decade. in its first two sittings, the court hears cases on international law, property rights, racial preferences, higher education, and the fourth amendment as well as the follow-up to the class action blockbuster wal-mart. they filed briefs in all cases as well as in several other pending petitions if granted would be high profile as well. challenges to section five of the voting rights act and the scope of the treaty flex, and looming cases related to gay marriage and defensive marriage act. if you thought you were getting a breather this year, sorry to disappoin
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7